Carbon Black used as additive material in the rubber industry, for making automobile parts,machine parts, cables, conveyor belts, hoses, heel and base rubber; It also used as a paint material, that able to provide black color, For example; it used in making plastics, printing ink, paint, black paper, coatings, lithographic and cliche inks, typewriter strips and carbon paper.

  • Conveyor belt
  • Carrier bands
  • Hose
  • Mops
  • Black bags
  • Mixture with rubber dough
  • Car backup parts
  • Rubber, plastic materials
  • Thermal insulation
  • Fire extinguishing etc.
Usage areas by types

HAF – Used for construction of cables, conveyor belts and high quality rubber goods, in the construction of the back part of the tire.

ISAF – Rubber, production of tires used in heavy road conditions and the back part of the tire that it is in contact with the road.

FEF – Used to make extruded rubber goods, inner tube, and cable laying and wheel tire body.

GPF – Used in the production of rubber goods, inner and outer parts of bicycle tires and it use especially the car tire.

General characteristics of most used varieties
ASTM Name Surface Area(m2/g) Piece Size (nm)
N220 ISAF 110-140 20-25
N330 HAF 70-90 26-30
N550 FEF 36-52 40-48
N660 GPF 31-39 50-54