Product registration
EINICS number CAS number REACH registration number
229-912-9 Anhydrous: 6834-92-0 01-2119449811-37-0004
Pentahydrate: 10213-79-3
Nonahydrate: 13517-24-3
Product range
Grade Concentration (%) Grain Size Bulk density (g/L) Download MSDS
Anhydrous 95 Powder – Fine – Medium 1.100 MSDS-MET0-E
Pentahydrate 57 Fine – Medium 950 MSDS-MET5-E
Nonahydrate 46 Medium 850 MSDS-MET9-E
Properties and advantages
  • Sodium metasilicate dissolves easily, even in cold water.
  • Our granules are characterized by a high bulk density and a low dust content.
  • As a highly alkaline product, sodium metasilicate will easily react with CO2. Our production methods are such that the risk of partial inactivity due to CO2 contamination is minimal as there is no contact between our products and the combustion gasses. This way, we can guarantee a pure sodium metasilicate.
  • The advantage with sodium metasilicate anhydrous is the high active content which makes it possible to formulate high concentrated products. Whereas sodium metasilicate pentahydrate and nonahydrate offers the benefit of a high dissolution speed.