Our HR Culture

Darte group values and respects the belief that where working employees bring different cultures together creates the most productive teamwork. As an international company, we look at all citizens of a country as potential customers.
To be successful in new markets, Darte works with a dynamic team that understands their needs, knows their culture, and their consumers.
As the Darte family, we believe that none of us can be as strong as we are alone together.

Our HR Values

Our most valuable asset is our teammates who make up our team;

  • Adopting reliability and integrity as a principle.
  • Having self-confidence.
  • Dynamic
  • Being aware of the importance of team spirit and solidarity.
  • Having a visionary perspective
  • Focusing on the satisfaction of our customers.HR Policies.
  • We prioritize the motivation of the employees and their commitment to the institution.
  • We apply performance-based fair remuneration and rewarding.
  • We provide a continuing education and self-development environment.
  • We help individuals to plan and develop their working skills systematically in line with the demands of the organization.
  • We prepare feedback to individuals regarding their performance.
  • We create employment according to qualifications and needs.
  • We encourage social and cultural events.
Human Resources

You can send your CV to [email protected] for your job applications.